Art and Ecology

Tuesdays 10-12:30. (From 4 January 2022)

Facilitated by Eleanor Darley, Artist and Transpersonal Art Counsellor. Over a series of weekly meetings we will engage in different observation and artistic techniques to make a beautiful study of the life of plants.

Looking and drawing in-depth at the form and gesture to reveal the functionality and soul- nature of plants and flowers. In dialogue with the plants we can also ask questions for ourselves about the environment, or for personal enquiry.

As part of this study we will work with inspiration from other artists, botanists and writers and develop out of our own imagination art that illustrates the awe inspiring connection, and potential well-being plants might offer both to individuals and communities.

The core intention will be to let this be space for in-depth artistic study and
reflective creativity, to produce work that illustrates an active relationship and dialogue with nature, and work that is alive with the essence of the plants. It’s also important that the work lives and is seen, so we will invest in preparing work for exhibition as a group.

Many times I have tried to draw trees and not succeeded. I started out by using imitation. No one ever encouraged me to go further down that route, because the result was always lifeless, and bore no relation to the feeling that had driven me to try and draw the tree. Then, when I only used my feelings and my emotions I was also so taken by the beauty of the trunk its power and its mystery, that I couldn’t get past the main branches.” Henri Mattisse

Weekly group £150: Tuesday 4 January 2022 to Tuesday 8 February 2022

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