Bank Holiday Feast of Percussion

Bank Holiday Feast of Percussion

Monday 6 May 2019
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre

Tinners Moon 2019



Ashburton’s own Taiko Journey kicks things off. This group gave a spectacular performance here in 2018 and now regularly appears before Exeter Chiefs rugby matches to get the players’ juices flowing.


Our special guest all day is an extraordinary ½ tonne rotating double bell called The Harmonic Canon. It’s a unique work of art and musical instrument designed by Marcus Vergette. There are two workshops in the afternoon where you can get up close to this fabulous beast!

Workshop for families (2pm – 45 mins)

Open to all ages and their carers. Recommended for 6yrs and upwards.

£4 per participant (carers can sit out and watch and just pay for the kids)

Imagine a huge range of bells, gongs and metal percussion. The largest weighs ½ tonne, the smallest fits in your pockets. Imagine how they sound? Come and have fun playing this extraordinary range of instruments. Invent a story, create the soundtrack as you go along.
Beautiful, noisy, peaceful and fun. Limited to 25 children.

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Workshop for musicians/percussionists/composers and artists of all kinds (3pm – 1.5 hours)

£5 per participant

How to play metal percussion? What are it’s particular qualities? What is signified by bells and how can we use this creatively? Come and play this extraordinary range of instruments and invent some music for them. Limited to 20 participants.

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