The Ranch

The Ranch

Wednesday 13 November 2019
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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Trying to describe the Maltese band “The Ranch” isn’t easy. The music moves from prog-rock to jazz improvisation, from beautifully-sung ballads to vocalises in odd time signatures, from dance numbers to folk-inspired melodies, while the whole is served with an infectious energy and surreal humour. One thing is certain: to witness one of their performances is a real pleasure no matter your age or musical taste.  Here’s what they write about themselves:

“Get ready for a thrilling ride of musical extremities – from the subtle, to the absolutely insane. Brimming with experimentation, improvisation and attitude, The Ranch delivers a intensely energised performance leaving audiences literally mind blown.” Check out the live video below – and don’t judge it from the first few seconds!

The Ranch’s musical recipe is a concoction of:

A full tank of energy
1/4 Jazz
Drizzle of improvisation
1/4 Prog/rock
mix in some punk attitude,
Then add:
Dash of spontaneity caramelised with –
a sprinkle of insanity
thought provoking and skilled musicianship and topped with good vibes only.

Leave to settle in a mood of funky and groovy. Then lightly dust with enthusiasm and serve with a smile!”


Door and bar open at 7pm
Music starts around 7.30pm