Skinner Releasing Technique with Lauren Bentley

Fridays 6pm – 8pm.

“Effective poetic imagery kindles instant dances to suprise us. Some tiny…some huge…”

SRT Dance. Touch the essence. Feel the pulse. Embrace the dance.

Ideal for anyone: artists, musicians, poets, people who cannot dance, builders, writers, fat or thin.

Introductory offer £10 (with no obligation to do the whole course).

Lauren writes: “This is an invitation to all those interested in a taster or regular session of the movement/dance practice called Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT). It was created by Joan Skinner who was one of my fabulous teachers in Seattle. I am a qualified SRT teacher. 15 effortless classes each one different. Nothing to memorise!Discover being danced as if by magic. Feel free to relax in the warm, ventilated space and let your body do whatever it needs to do or not do. We often begin laying on the floor. Effective poetic imagery kindles instant dances to surprise us. Some tiny, some huge. Move as little or as much as you desire. Careful use of music/sounds and silence are interwoven. Relax, laying as long as you like in a warm pool of creativity where any feeling is welcome and self consciousness slips away to a day dream.Suitable for all adults of all ages and abilities. Injuries not a problem. No experience of dance necessary. Impossible to describe yet so easy to do. I have taught beginners, professional dancers, artists, musicians, and a quantum physicist all in the same class! A truly accessible-to-all technique. Melt away the winter blues with a gift to your body imagination, that will resonate throughout the seasons. Personal writing/drawing/capturing incorporated as the 2 hour session ends.Held at Ashburton Arts Centre on Fridays 6pm till 8pm in the upstairs studio. Taster session is free. Thereafter introductory offer £10 per 2 hour class. For more information just ask.

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