Belly Dancing Workshop wth Alida Epremian

Saturday 5 May 11am – 12.30pm

£10 or £8 – Buy tickets here

Alida Epremian, born in Egypt now in South Devon, is offering “El Baladi” (an Egyptian Belly Dancing workshop). She writes:

People of all ages are welcomed. No previous experience. Come wearing comfortable clothing. Bring a scarf or shawl to wrap around the hips, a veil (if you have one), and a tennis ball.


In this workshop we will connect with the Spirit of dance and let it move us to where it needs to go…the dancer’s body is the instrument with which to express feelings. It is what holds us between Heaven and Earth. Come, join us and experience the freedom and joy this brings to your soul… You will come out feeling invigorated and a feeling of well being!


The Dance came to me through Egypt’s nature and by watching others dance. Dancing for me is a joyful activity and as I found out through the years of teaching it has also shown its healing benefits to me and to others. Like one of my students once said, ‘these classes are like a spa for the whole being’.

Accompanied children under 12 free. All proceeds to Ashburton Arts.

Belly Dancing