Why Broadhempston

Good question. Two things led to us to Broadhempston: I’ve been to concerts at the church there organised by Devon Sent and after chatting to organiser David Beadel, we wanted to find a way we could collaborate; when David Yang announced his trip to Devon last year, a mutual friend introduced him to Graeme and Jennie Montgomery who live at Great Ambrook and they invited us to visit. Since moving to Devon in 2009, one of the things that’s really struck me is how much amazing stuff happens, hidden away in little corners of the countryside. I know that some people think that about the Arts Centre here. I would love to find ways of helping more people to discover these – I reckon it can only be mutually beneficial. So teaming up with Broadhempston for this year’s festival is an attempt to do this. If all goes well, and we can run this again next year, perhaps we’ll do something similar. Perhaps there are other ways we can do it through the year.