Corona Virus / Covid-19: 
Policy and practices

Written on Tuesday 10 March 2020

Unless there are subsequent NHS or UK Government regulations or guidance which contradict or override what follows, here’s our plan:

  • Classes, private bookings and public events/performances at the Arts Centre will continue as planned.
    Update (Sat 14 March): Some events are now being cancelled, though exactly which is not yet certain. Check back here regularly, or see the facebook group here, or join the mailing list here.
  • In each of the three toilets, and next to the sink in the Lounge downstairs, and the kitchen upstairs, we have installed paper towel dispensers and provided a bin for the immediate disposal of these after use into clear plastic bin liners.
  • We will display notices near these and in public areas of the building asking people to wash their hands frequently as appropriate when in the building.
  • For every public event/performance, one person (one of our volunteers, or the responsible person) will be asked to frequently wipe clean all of the door handles, taps and other commonly-touched surfaces in the building, at appropriate intervals during the event.
  • For each class or private booking, the person running it will be asked to do the same as (4) above for the areas of the building they are using. Materials will be provided in each of the rooms in the Arts Centre for doing this. If they’re not there, please use hot water and detergent as available.
  • We will replace the normal small ticket desk with a larger one, and ask the arriving audience to stand back from the person checking names and taking money for tickets.
  • We have bought a brand new commercial glass washer which will be used for cleaning all glasses in use at the bar.
  • Everyone handling money will be asked to be particularly vigilant, and reminded to wash their hands frequently when doing so.

Andy Williamson, Jenny Pickvance, Su Maddock, Sarah Cobley
Directors, Ashburton Arts Centre