A Sisters’ Song: Asha McCarthy, Lucy Wylde & Charlotte Mabon

A Sisters’ Song: Asha McCarthy, Lucy Wylde & Charlotte Mabon

Friday 15 April 2022
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


Book here now: £13 full price • £9 or £6 if you prefer (more about tickets…)

This is a one off evening where Asha, Charlotte and Lucy will share their own songs and accompany each other through instrumentation and harmonies. While all three are performers whose music could be described as part of the wide genre that is New British Folk, they all see their songs as having a spiritual dimension, and present it in that way. There’ll be a hot cacao drink available at the beginning of the concert, as they say, “to open the space and allow for us to drop deeper into receiving the gifts that each of the artists have come together to share.”

Asha McCarthy is a multi faceted cellist/singer, a performer in North Indian classical, western classical, and folk music. Asha has performed internationally and collaborated with artists such as Kuljit Bhamra, Jahnavi Harrison and Ayla Shafer.

Her recent single, Drift, was featured on BBC Music Introducing in the West: “On this beautiful track, you can hear the artist’s diverse musical influences and natural charm. The song has a gorgeous, captivating atmosphere and shows a great musicianship and a lot of heart.”
Another track “Love Surrounds You” was reviewed on Fresh on The Net thus: “Altogether it is a stunning cocktail of ideas and influences and she delivers it with delicate virtuosity and expertise. Asha McCarthy has just become an artist whose music I need to get to know more of.” Listen here: freshonthenet.co.uk/2021/09/faves417

Charlotte Mabon describes herself as a “medicine singer-songwriter”. There’s a contemporary twist to her songs which weave her personal journeys with “an ever-present gratitude for the earth and elements.”

Lucy Wylde’s friend and collaborator Charlotte says of her music, “Lucy’s songs share a deep wisdom straight from the heart. It’s rare to find an artist who can encapsulate the emotions that life brings and hold them in a cocoon of presence and love. Her songs are the remembrance of what’s true underneath the layers we all carry, with innocence and freedom at the core.”  Her most recent single ‘Ocean Song’  has received a positive response including from one of Lucy’s inspirations, Ayla Schafer who shared that, “The song took her on a journey to her own inner ocean.”