Roberto Bossard Quintet (Switzerland)

Roberto Bossard Quintet (Switzerland)

Wednesday 8 June 2022
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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Roberto Bossard, Guitar
Toni Bechtold, Sax
Lukas Gernet, Piano
Raffaele Bossard, Bass
Dominic Egli, Drums
The artist says:
“It took Roberto Bossard around 20 years to pick up where he left after dissolving the first group: With a fresh crew, new compositions (along with a handful of carefully arranged pieces), new ideas, but still under the old, yet not at all battered banner of enthusiasm.
“It is a fortunate decision, brought to life by five accomplished, top-class protagonists in a beautiful, musical, creative and spirited manner. In a versatile repertoire, each one brings his own individual qualities with brio, sensitiveness and on par with the other members to create a kind of polished, harmonic band-sound offering swinging, electrifying moments and atmosphere.
“Another special treat is found in the sound of Roberto Bossard’s Gibson ES 5 which, even though dating back to 1949, has not lost any of its warm and rich charm. This is no surprise, being played by a master of his calibre.”
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