Title and Deed: A play by Will Eno

Title and Deed: A play by Will Eno

Friday 20 September 2019
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre

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Tickets £10 or £8 or £5 – you choose. Book here

Philip Robinson performed Krapp’s Last Tape at the Arts Centre last year, and was fabulous! Great to be able to welcome him back with this new piece of theatre.
Here’s what audience members have said about it so far (with more on this short video):
“laugh out loud funny one minute, achingly sad the next.”
“Wow! I’m in awe. Unfaltering, composed, poised, concentrated.”

“If you’re hoping for a nice, satisfying evening of classical theatre, then probably best to stay at home. If, however, you fancy some thought-provoking and cathartic drama up close and personal, then that’s exactly what you’ll get with this excellent show.” 
Title and Deed Trailer link
Title and Deed Trailer ((opens in a new tab)

“An intense, mesmerising, thought-provoking play and performance.”

“That was amazing! Edgy and fresh. A roller-coaster experience, but so worth the ride”

“in this funny, disturbing and strange play one is facing a number of challenges to one’s own way of being and one’s many preconceptions. I like this character on stage, and I am perfectly happy to be mystified by him as well…he wouldn’t work if he was too easily comprehended, would he!”
“you removed the fourth wall so successfully that I kept wanting to talk back to you. It really did feel like a conversation, of which you were in control of both sides.”
“An extraordinary performance that ought to have a profound effect on all of your living room audiences.”
“you brought up many emotions and thoughts for me throughout the performance…even fear and concern.”
“Just to say how much we enjoyed Title and Deed – such an intense, thought-provoking play and performance. A real skill to hold and transport an audience single-handedly for that duration; I was mesmerised. I really appreciated your use of music; it created, shifted and augmented the mood and atmosphere. It was a really special, intimate setting, too, to be in somebody’s living space and sharing in the working of the narrator’s mind.”
“It was kind of magical in that I forgot you were an actor reciting lines from a script. You came across as a real person just talking to us.”
“Extraordinary performance, intriguing, thought provoking, disturbing, funny, strange,… One of the things I loved about it were the changes in mood (or was it tone?), and the intensity and speed of delivery… I really liked that variety of pacing.Your timing throughout was immaculate!”
Doors and bar open at 7pm. Show starts 7.30pm
Tickets £10 or £8 or £5 – you choose. All the same unreserved seats. Available in advance from Rafikis or the Ashburton Infomation Centre. To reserve tickets and pay in cash on the night, email boxoffice@ashburtonarts.org.uk