Vida De Tango, dance class with Fernando

Fernando writes: “We believe that everyone can dance tango, even with two left feet.

“The Argentine tango is a dance created by a connection with a partner and your shared connection with the music. Argentine tango is improvisational, a walk to the beat and while there are very few steps there are infinite ways of sharing those steps.

“For very new dancers we recommend one of our weekly classes. Beginner classes are six – eight week courses comprising an hour’s tuition for beginners followed by an hour for improvers. When you want and feel ready you can choose to do both the beginners and improvers.”


Door opens: 7:15 pm
7:20- 8:20 pm Beg Plus – Improvers Level Class ** ( course)
8:30 – 9:30: Intermediate Level Class
9:30 – 10:15 Practise/dancing

(**) Drop in on the 30th of August. Classes start on the 6th of September

Contact Fernando at or 07910 256510 for more about these weekly classes.