Workshops and Classes at Ashburton Arts Centre

January 2024: This is a new page where we will list one-off workshops and classes that are happening at the Arts Centre but which are not organised by us. For all of these events, our rooms have been hired privately, and all bookings must be made directly with the organiser using the links or contact details listed below. The descriptions below are as received from the organiser.

For regular – ongoing weekly and monthly – activities, classes, workshop at the Arts Centre,
see Regular Activities.

Sunday 28 January: Family Organic Milk Chocolate Lollipop workshop with Justine Fitton of the Green Heart Kitchen. Cost: £22 each, £40 for 2, £50 for 3. Late morning.
Learn how to make chocolate from scratch! Decorate & wrap it. Intro of how chocolate is made, chocolate tasting and take home recipe sheet. Fun for all ages. Book via website or message Justine on 07427168571

Sat 3 February 2024: Leather Wrap-around Long-stitch Binding Workshop
1.30pm to 4.30pm; cost: £18 Contact Brian Norman
This workshop explores a wraparound book structure using long stitch binding. It builds on skills learned in previous workshops but is also suitable for beginners, those with experience and those who wish to refresh established skills. This course will give you a solid grounding to continue making books at home.
You will learn how to prepare your materials and sew your pages into the cover using a simple long stitch. A choice of fine decorative papers will be available to use. By the end of the course you will have created a beautiful A6 book.
All materials and tools are provided to complete your project, you will be given advice on where you can source both materials and tools if you wish to purchase your own following the course.
Monthly courses are planned with the intent of eventually establishing a regular bookbinding and book restoration group in Ashburton should sufficient interest be present.

Sat 10 February, 2024: Storytelling and the Body: Michael Harvey and Inez Aponte
9.40am to 4.30pm; cost: £45
Our bodies are a target for marketing that makes us feel that we are not what we are meant to be. We are bombarded by body images in the media that are designed to make us feel inadequate and spend money on ‘fixing’ ourselves. Unfortunately this baggage can follow us around as we prepare and tell our stories. But not anymore!
What if I told you that your body is fine just as it is and the choice is not about improving your body but simply finding ways of having a better experience of being in your body and becoming more present, embodied, fluid and dynamic?
I’ve adapted exercises from some world -leading body-work practitioners and performers, including Eric Franklin, Miranda Tufnell, Eeva-Maria Mutka, Caryn McHose, Andre Olsen, John Wright and Yoshi Oida. My aim is to give storytellers body-based tools to help you work with more fluidity, spontaneity, depth and joy.

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Sat 17 February, 2024: dances of universal peace and yoga
10am – 1pm; Cost: donation
come join ty and dakini for a saturday morning practice of yoga and dances of universal peace….. dakini is a beautiful dance leader who is visiting devon in february and is offering a wonderful opportunity to experience this precious practice of body prayer starting with a gentle yoga practice of warm up stretches and sun salutations to awaken body and heart and align with our sacred breath xxx followed by tea and yoga cookie xx
dakini will then share a session of Dances of Universal Peace – simple circle dances that are inspired by the ageless wisdom of the spiritual and religious traditions of humankind…combining song, movement and concentration to open our heart and invoke a sense of peace, harmony and healing. Come and nourish your soul as you join these gentle joyful dances.
***All welcome – all ages, abilities, experiences and personal beliefs are accepted and included xxx
***if you like to join after yoga for the dances of universal peace, just let ty know xxx
***please email ty to book a space