Ken Mai Butoh Solo: Body Psalm/身体詩編/Shintaishihen

Ken Mai Butoh Solo: Body Psalm/身体詩編/Shintaishihen

Monday 22 July 2024
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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Ken Mai writes: “The Psalm is a part of the Old Testament, a collection of praiseworthy verses. However, although this work does not dance this psalm, it should be influenced spiritually. For the time being, this work focuses on the microcosm of the body, and is a creative work that attempts the process of manifestation with the artistic sense of being expressed and existing as the body listens to the poems and songs that emerge from the inside and becomes a dance in the space.
“And soul, what emerges from inner memories and unconsciousness is expressed as movement, and the body is transformed, darkness, light, beauty and ugliness and life and death are intersected and metamorphosis to the body. It also touches on the eternity of love, depicting a flower-like purity that overflows from the soul as a Psalm.”

Ken Mai will be giving a workshop locally prior to this performance. For more information please contact

Butoh Workshop/Sacred Butoh Method
We practice purifying the body while gradually understanding the observation of the body (body, mind, breathing, sensation, emotion, and energy) through stillness and movement. Through these exercises, we adopt a method that leads to the stage of image and transformation. It also includes developing one’s own creativity through experimental improvisation and various images. The teaching also includes important aspects especially related to esoteric spirit.

Ken Mai is a Japanese International Butoh Artist, Choreographer, Teacher and Yogi based in Helsinki, Finland. He has studied with legendary Butoh founder Kazuo Ohno for 5 years, and was a member of Sub Rosa Butoh Company (Under Byakkosha Butoh Company) for 2 years in the early 90s in Kyoto, Japan. At the same time he was a member of Otoya Eguchi & Sumiko’s German Expressionist Modern Dance Company in Osaka, Japan.
He has been performing and teaching in more than 30 countries officially with his solo mostly whole Europen Tour, Mexican Tour, US Tour, Russia, Latin America, India, and Japan while collaborating with musicians and various artists.
His art is based on Butoh & Sacred with his own creativity and also combines his background with theatre, gymnastics, martial arts, modern dance, opera style singing, zen, gothic fashion, myth, and yoga philosophy. He expresses profoundly the deep life and death in nature; being and pureness of love.



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