Oppenheimer (15)

Oppenheimer (15)

Friday 26 July 2024
7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre

Community Event

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As America’s isolation from World War II ends, prominent American theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer finds himself tasked with performing a miracle.

Driven by fear, with the Germans having an overwhelming head start on the race to develop the atomic bomb, the Allies begin the ambitious Manhattan Project. With Oppenheimer at the helm, the Los Alamos Laboratory spearheads a top-secret government endeavour to weaponise theory before the Nazis do.

However, nothing can prepare the world for the outcome of the greatest scientific gamble in history: a closely guarded, multibillion-dollar military programme to end all war. After all, no one can be trusted with such a devastating weapon of mass destruction–not even geniuses.

93% Tomatometer rating

“That the director turned this most devastating of stories into a riveting pop culture phenomenon without ceding one inch on its tragic dimensions is surely an achievement for the ages. ” New York Magazine

Nolan’s atom bomb epic is flawed but extraordinary” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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