Shoulders I Stand On – Petra Haller and Meg Morley

Shoulders I Stand On - Petra Haller and Meg Morley

Wednesday 13 March 2024
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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This is possibly the most unusual project you’ll read about today: a London-based jazz musician fusing jazz and free improvisation using tap dancing as a percussion instrument.

As part of their vinyl release tour, the mesmerising duo of tap innovator Petra Haller and classically-trained pianist Meg Morley bring their groundbreaking project ‘Shoulders I Stand On’ to Ashburton Arts Centre.

This unique collaboration has previously garnered high praise for the duo’s deft balancing act between disciplined technique and free-wheeling athleticism, an exploration masterfully executed in rhythm and real-time communication. BBC3 Radio’s Freeness celebrated their ‘no-hierarchy’ performance style, emphasizing the rich, embodied freedom taking form in a dance where quicksilver keys harmoniously waltz with even quicker footwork. Oliver Weindling of the Vortex Jazz Club and Babel Label, hails Haller as a “unique improvising tap dancer” embodying the spirit of her predecessor, Will Gaines.

Shoulders I Stand On is a poignant tribute to Haller’s mentors, heroes, and guardian angels that shaped her artistic journey. It’s a showcase of rhythmic innovation and extreme musical communication, blending elements of Jazz, classical styles, and audacious improvisation. It leaves audiences spellbound — a testament to the transformative power of music and dance.

Petra Haller, based in London, UK, is a respected figure in the fields of tap dance and music. Honoured as a rising Jazz Artist by Jazzwise magazine, Haller has swiftly risen in prominence in the UK and beyond, known for her explorations into the intersections of diverse performance genres.

Meg Morley trained as a classical pianist in Melbourne, Australia and is now based in London. She’s a gifted musician, who utilises her vast experience in the classical and jazz fields to add unique nuances to the tapestry of modern jazz music. Her contribution to Shoulders I Stand On seamlessly complements Haller’s experimental approach, resulting in an intriguing musical showcase.

“Tap dancer Petra Haller and pianist Meg Morley continue their longstanding partnership, one that eschews any sense of hierarchy between their mediums, and instead invites a rich interplay and an embodied approach to freeness. Quicksilver keys waltz with even quicker footwork.”  Corey Mwamba, Freeness, BBC Radio 3

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