The Oxley-Meier Guitar Project

The Oxley-Meier Guitar Project

Sunday 9 October 2022
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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“The Oxley – Meier Guitar Project was established ten years ago, following these two guitarists’ tenure in the unique quartet, Eclectica. In that decade, they have recorded 7 albums together, ranging from duet to quintet formats and have performed literally hundreds of concerts together throughout the UK and Europe.

Regardless of the size of the ensemble, Oxley & Meier have always maintained their two aims:

– to write guitar-based music that is exciting, engaging and fascinating to anybody interested in music.
– to use an expansive range of instruments in order to deliver a stylistically wide ranging programme.

To achieve this, they usually use ten different guitars at their gigs. These include more unusual instruments such as:

– 11-string Glissantar (fretless instrument, based on the arabic lute – the oud)
– Electric 12-string
– Sitar guitar
– Fretless nylon-string

Their music falls into the ‘jazz’ category, as there is improvisation (as a major element) in each piece. However, the soundscapes are very much influenced from their various travels, this summed by their strap-line: “soundscapes from Turkey to Brazil”. As a result, Oxley and Meier have performed in many of the top venues in jazz, world music and classical venues: Ronnie Scott’s, Musicport Festival and The Wigmore Hall, respectively.

Expect an evening of joyous varied fare, performed by these two seriously established musicians that The Observer described thus:

“When it comes to empathy, the duet of guitar virtuosi comes close to perfection”

Or if you are a fan of the ECM supergroup, Oregon, this quote from Ralph Towner will resonate:

“This album is a wonderful example of the high level of music that can be made by combining two great guitarists/composers/improvisers such as Petard Nicolas. They have put together a feast of virtuosity, delivered wit depth, wit and joy”

We very much hope to see you at this gig to hear the duo’s brand new programme!”

Two live duo pieces:

Some quintet pieces:

Much more at

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