Yumi Hara’s Groove Study (with Chris Cutler, Toshiaki Sudoh and Pierre Chevalier)

Yumi Hara's Groove Study (with Chris Cutler, Toshiaki Sudoh and Pierre Chevalier)

Thursday 27 June 2024
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


Book here now: £15 full price • £10 or £7 if you prefer – please pay what you can*

We’re literally pulling out all the stops for Yumi and her alternative-rock-and-pop-like sounds. Tuning the Arts Centre piano to our organ pipes, Yumi will perform live what she has only managed to capture in the recording studio before. Discover more about this unique and enjoyable Groove Study… it has a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied!

This is a fascinating concert involving an international quartet of musicians who’ve been at the forefront of some of the world’s more experimental rock and jazz ensembles. As well as unusual grooves it mixes several keyboards, including the wonderful pipe organ that the Arts Centre inherited from the Methodists whcih is a quarter tone higher then standard concert pitch. That means that our grand piano will be specially tuned to match it for this performance.

Groove Study is Yumi Hara’s second solo album, where her music “explores various aspects of rhythms while going back and forth between tonality and atonality including Raggae in 7/8, early music inspired song in 13/8, drum’n’bass played by pianos and Ekranoplan themed church organ epic as well as avant-rock treated Schoenberg’s unfinished piano fragment.”

She will be joined by three of the musicians who appear on the album, Chris Cutler, Toshiaki Sudoh (from Japan) plus Pierre Chevalier (from Belgium).

Listen to Yumi Hara’s Groove Study here on Bandcamp.com

– Yumi Hara / piano, harp, voice (Half the Sky, Lindsay Cooper Songbook, The Artaud Beats, you me & us, Frank Chickens, etc)
– Chris Cutler / drums (Henry Cow, Art Bears, The Hyperion Ensemble etc)
– Pierre Chevalier / keyboards (Present, faUSt, Aranis, Univers Zero etc)
– Toshiaki Sudoh / bass, drums (Melt-Manana, Machine & the Synagetic Nuts, Eiko Ishibashi, Jim O’Rourke etc)


Yumi Hara’s compositions have been performed by contemporary classical ensembles such as PianoCircus and the BBC Singers, but she has become increasingly well known as an improvisor and performer in the avant rock, Canterbury and RIO scene since releasing CD ‘Dune’ with Hugh Hopper in 2008.
She has formed bands and projects such as The Artaud Beats (with Geoff Leigh, Chris Cutler, John Greaves), you me & us (with Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler), Jump for Joy! (with Jean-Herve Peron, Zappi, Chris Cutler, Geoff Leigh, Geraldine Swayne), THE WATTS (with Tim Hodgkinson and Chris Cutler) and Half the Sky / Lindsay Cooper Songbook.
She is senior lecturer in music at University of East London.


10 years in Henry Cow; founded or co-founded Art Bears, News from Babel, Cassiber, The (ec) Nudes, p53, The Bad Boys and The Science Group; permanent member of The Peter Blegvad Trio, Pere Ubu, The Wooden Birds, Brainville III, Himmel, The Watts The European Improvising Ensemble and Les Quatre Gutaristes; dalliance with The Residents, Gong, Faust; worked with dance, film, hoerspiel, theatre, symphony orchestras and radio; toured the world with his extended electrified kit and in countless improvising contexts with the usual suspects; ran a year-long daily soundscape project for Resonance FM (2003/4); founded and runs the independent label ReR Megacorp; author of File Under Popular and Not as we Choose, various articles and papers; stint on faculty at the Museum School in Boston; lectures irregularly on music related topics and is currently producing a series of podcast talks for the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona (Probes).



PIERRE CHEVALIER is a keyboard player based in Brussels. He has been involved with avant-rock bands such as Univers Zero, Present, and Aranis, and currently plays with faUSt regularly.


TOSHIAKI SUDOH is a Japanese musician, bassist, drummer and engineer. He began his career in the 90’s as the original member of MELT-BANANA, and later became the drummer of MACHINE AND THE SYNERGETIC NUTS. He has also played bass in the works of Jim O’Rourke, Eiko Ishibashi, and others. He performs regulalry with Yumi Hara when she visits Japan, and he played bass and drums for CD ‘Groove Study’.


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