The auction is nigh…

A few people got together yesterday to make this little film:

If you’d like to make a donation or loan, that will be returned if we’re unsuccessful at the auction on Wednesday, see this post for all the details: bank numbers, address or just drop it off at Ashburton Post Office.  If you’d just like to make a donation with Visa, Paypal, etc, we’ve set up a last-minute crowdfunded page here:

The auction is in three days time! People ask “How’s it going?” or “How much have you got to bid?” or “What’s your target?” Well, the support we’ve been getting is just amazing. People all over town, and beyond are fantastically supportive. Nearly everyone seems to want to see this happen; a few have concerns about possible effects on other spaces in town or the dreaded ‘parking’ conversation. If you’d like to add your views, we’ve got a survey going here – please do fill it in. The response so far has been really good.

We’ve raised over £100,000 already – given that it’s an auction, we shouldn’t be more specific about this. In an ideal world, there’ll be no other bidders, and we’ll be able to buy the building for a bargain price, and spend the money on making it a great venue. While this is far from likely, given that the DNPA planners have said that they don’t favour residential or commercial development of the site the only real potential use is either as a church or some other community function. Whatever we pay for the building, we going to need to raise a LOT more to bring it up to the sort of condition we need to make it licensable for music and theatre, etc. So everything we raise now will make that easier. If we own the building, we’ll be able to apply for grants to do a lot of this work. But running it is always going to be a financial tightrope! But it’s a public auction, so ANYBODY could turn up and bid! Please come along and support us. It’s in the Methodist Church itself on Wednesday at 2pm.

So, spread the word! If you support what we’re up to, and want to keep in touch, join the mailing list at If you want to get more closely involved in any way at all – email Finally, come to our first AGM in St Lawrence Chapel, Ashburton on Thursday 20 July at 7.30pm.

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  1. Power to the people!! congratulations guys….This is how is should be done !!! since we cannot rely on councils or other relevant bodies to provide funding or help….
    Sat kartar

  2. Congratulations to Ashburton Arts on your success yesterday. We are pleased that our old building will continue to have a role in, and impact on, Ashburton and the surrounding area. What was built in faith and vision by our forebears has become part of the heritage of our town, and now it is for you to carry that forward. We are looking forward to see how its future unfolds (and hopefully using your building from time to time!)
    In the meantime, the Methodist heritage and presence in the town will continue in our worshipping and serving community, and are invited to come and join us at any time.
    Congratulations again.
    Kevin, on behalf of the Methodists

    1. Thanks Kevin. The Methodists will be welcome back – and I hope will be proud of what we make of it.

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