Vacancy: Arts and Building Admin Assistant [edit: post now filled]

We’re Hiring!

This is a great opportunity for someone under 25 who wants to work in the arts – right here in Ashburton at the Arts Centre, getting experience in every aspect of putting on events, and everything else that happens here.  

We applied to create this job using the ‘Kickstart’ scheme – 25 hours a week, minimum wage, funded by the government, for 6 months. To apply you must be claiming Universal Credit – if you’re not already, but are eligible, you can apply for UC very quickly. It should just take a few days, and we can help hurry it along – let us know you’re applying.

This job is advertised here: – this is where you need to apply.

About the job:

25 hours per week, with varying hours and days depending on what’s happening. The exact hours on each day will be flexible, and would be planned a week or two in advance, or longer if necessary. Working on some evenings and weekends is essential. Duties to include any or all of:

– Arts Admin, promotion and marketing (updating website, social media, posters, monitoring ticket sales, copywriting, etc);

– Concert and Event management (preparing venue, training in sound & lighting, setting up and running, liaison with artists, selling tickets to audience);

– Live streaming of events (training in setting up cameras, mics, etc, running on Zoom and YouTube or similar);

– Dealing with artists, volunteers, audience;

– Building admin (security, keeping it tidy, basic cleaning and maintenance);

– Bar (setting up, stock control, dealing with waste & recycling, working with volunteers, cashing up).

Skills Required:

– Good spoken and written English;
– Good numeracy;
– Computer literacy (creating and editing text and images; using spreadsheets, creating online content: words and images);
– A can-do attitude, and a good problem solving ability;
– unflappability under pressure.

Useful experience:
– being involved in performances of any kind, whether on stage or behind the scenes;
– graphic design and page layout,
– coming up with ideas about how to attract an audience to something.

Useful interests/ambition:
– desire to promote musical/theatrical/artistic events of all kinds;
– interest in community arts; 
What can you offer the applicant?
We can offer plenty of hands-on experience in every aspect of running a small multi-purpose community arts venue.

How to apply
Please send:
– a CV;
– a covering letter and/or a link to a video (max 2 minutes) saying why you want *this* job;
Andy Williamson
Arts Director

The absolute deadline to apply is 1 March, but don’t wait until then!