Annika Skoogh & Ashburton Arts All Stars

Annika Skoogh

Tuesday 18 May 2021
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


£12/£9/£5 – Get your tickets here

Annika is fabulous jazz, soul and blues singer and entertainer, based in Exeter. Last summer she brought her ‘Tribute to Anita O’Day’ to our outdoor venue, and was amazing. This time she’s being joined by some of the Arts Centre regulars:
Steve Dow (guitar), Jim Rintoul (bass), Martin Jenkins (piano and Hammond organ), Andy Williamson (sax) and Josh Rose (drums).

The Ashburton contingent here is Steve, Josh and Andy. Josh appeared for the first time last year with a band from South Dartmoor Sixth Form – he’s a superb drummer, currently applying to the top music colleges in the land. We’ll miss him when he goes. Steve’s a superb guitarist, whether soloing or comping – never dull! Andy is also the Arts Director at the Arts Centre, and will join in on stage (when invited!) at the drop of a hat. Before moving to Devon in 2009 he was based in London and has played with Tom Robinson, Suggs and Marth Reeves, when not with the Big Buzzard Boogie Band or (once upon a time) the Honkin’ Hep Cats.

The Hammond Organ that Martin (from Tavistock) will be playing is resident in the Arts Centre – it’s an original from the 1960s, complete with rotating Leslie speaker – it’s a monster that sounds amazing when under the hands of a master (like Martin!). Jim is one of the regions finest bassist, whether on electric or double. He’ll be setting the groove with Josh – if only we were allowed to dance! Sadly it’s hand-jive only for now until the covid rules change.

Admission £12 or £9 or £5 – you choose!
Doors and bar open at 7pm. Music starts around 7.30pm. Covid rules apply (and these are always subject to change): windows open for ventilation; social distancing between bubbles; bar service at seat; masks on inside the building; online booking, etc.

Pandemic policies. This information will be updated as things change.

Thu 14 October: some minor changes below to make clearer, and adding a request to take a Lateral Flow Test before coming to an event at the Arts Centre

Mon 19 July: We will continue with everything listed below, which have been in place since 17 May. We have added a new protocol for sitting in the balcony, making face masks compulsory there:

  • As levels of Covid infections are increasing again in this area (on 14 October), we request that everyone take a Lateral Flow test before coming to the Arts Centre, and that you don’t come if this is positive. In this case, a refund or transfer of your ticket to another event can be arranged, if you let us know before the end of the event, by emailing
  • The windows and doors of the venue will be open, allowing fresh air to be constantly moving through. This may mean that the ambient temperature is similar to outdoors, and audience members should dress accordingly. From October, when necessary, we are switching on the electric heaters in the main hall, even though the windows are open. This makes the central part of the hall warmer. The seats at the sides under the balcony don’t get as much benefit from this.
  • We recommend wearing face masks whenever inside the building. We particularly ask everyone to wear a mask when in the bar area, unless medically exempt; and…
  • Anyone who sits in the balcony MUST wear a face mask – with no exceptions. This is: (a) to provide a place for people who want to be as distanced as possible from others, and with anyone nearby wearing a mask – the seats in the balcony are naturally separated; and (b) as virus particles when airborne are generally heavier than air, this helps to mitigate the risk of transmission from people sitting in the balcony to audience members below.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available as well as soap and water in the toilets; please use these frequently.
  • Bar service at the Arts Centre is carried out by volunteers. If enough are available, they will take orders at your seat, and bring drinks to you. Otherwise, you can order drinks at the bar, one person at each end of the bar at a time, and take them immediately to your seat.
  • All members of the audience should wear a facemask while indoors, except if medically exempt, or when eating or drinking. Our experience is that this is one of the things most important for making some (perhaps more vulnerable) members of the audience feel safe to attend concerts. Whatever your opinion of the efficacy of facemasks in preventing the spread of the virus, please help to reassure others, and showing that you’re thinking of them, by complying with this.
  • There are posters inside the building showing the QR code that’s connected to the NHS Track and Trace app – please use this. We will also keep a record of all ticket buyers for the required period, and pass this on to the NHS or Devon Public Health if requested.