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Monday 21 September was a day of farewell to a wonderful man who was one of the greatest supporters of live music here at the Arts Centre. Philip Hull (right), Head of Music for many years at Plymouth University until his retirement came to most of our concerts, especially the more esoteric jazz ones!

His family has asked for donations in his memory to be given to Ashburton Arts Centre, for which we’re truly grateful.

At some point in the future when as many people as possible are able to be part of it, we intend to put on a concert in Philip’s memory – a celebration of a wonderful life, which inspired many musicians.

The Arts Centre is coming back to life…
Over the weekend of 19 & 20 September, we hosted the great Liane Carroll, with a workshop, a masterclass and 2 concerts. The musical force that she is left a lasting impression on everyone who was part of these events.

On Friday 18 Sept, we had our second event with a small live audience since March: A Poetry and Music night with Andy Brown, Marc Woodward, The Woodward Bros, and Julian Isaacs, plus the Ash Arts Hot Club. The performance can be seen here: (It could do with a bit of editing). All donations greatly appreciated (see info on the youtube page).

Welcome to Ashburton Arts, entertaining Ashburton and the wider area since 2018! The best way to know what’s happening is to join our mailing list. The latest newsletter is always available in the newsletter archive.

Here’s a taste of just a few things that happened here in 2019:

Link to What's On at Ashburton Arts Centre – all the events past and future.

The next event at Ashburton Arts will be Kali Yuga Jive (a story and a concert) on Saturday 3 October 2020 at 7:30 PM

Kali Yuga Jive (a story and a concert)

This area of South Devon is blessed with a huge pool of creative talent, across the whole spectrum of the Arts. We’re very grateful to tv documentary maker (among other things) Chris Watson for filming and producing this snapshot over several months in 2019 of just a few of the things going on at Ashburton Arts Centre. How many different ones can you spot?

Tickets for most events are also available from Rafikis Cafe (next door to the Arts Centre). Find out more about tickets (and how to find us) right here.

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The Arts Centre is open every Saturday morning from 10am – 12ish, often with something  happening (workshop, performance, acoustic music, life drawing).

There’s always tea, coffee, biscuits and someone to have a chat with.

We are working on adding more pictures to this site – for now, you can see some fabulous ones on Mark Burley’s site.