Burton Bradstock

Burton Bradstock

Sunday 5 November 2023
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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Burton Bradstock is:

Jimmy Cannon – vocals, alto sax
Matt Johns – piano
James Macphail – bass
Keith Michael – drums

Burton Bradstock re-imagines, re-vitalises and seeks to generate a widespread renaissance in the traditional English song. Drawing on extensive and rich experience in performing jazz, classical, folk, pop and world music, Burton Bradstock brings all of these elements to brand new settings of English folk songs with subtlety and integrity.

The band writes: “Our aim is to develop further our extensive links with the traditional and pop communities without any kind of alienation or diluting of references. Our key texts are the collected settings of traditional songs by Benjamin Britten, the oral history of jazz and oral and written sources of traditional songs from the The Vaughan Williams Memorial collection. We aim to provide a clear, solid and simple platform based on universal principles of musicality such as rhythm, pulse, pitch and story telling where we can reach out and collaborate with members of the multicultural and, most importantly, amateur music communities. We hope through this diverse participation (from jams to sing-a-longs to impromptu performances in cafes, pubs and homes) to initiate a re-thinking of how popular music exists and functions in contemporary society, and how stronger ties with traditional, classical, jazz and devotional music communities and techniques can enrich and improve of what music is and what it is for.”

“What all these sources share is a common pedigree – they are the songs that have survived over years of use and misuse, interpretation and manipulation – and the best survive. In the case of the English songs these are mainly from the oral tradition and have always existed in multiple versions with multiple meanings. Those that are still with us have emerged from the various collecting and revivals. As with much folk music many of the best tunes have been used by classical composers too. Some come from 17th Century poems, others from rural and industrial environments and have been handed down over generations.” Peter Slavid

“Burton Bradstock’s interpretations are fascinating” Peter Slavid

“A contemporary jazz/folk project of real note” The Musician

“A uniquely British take on jazz.” Stuart Bailey, Proper Music Distribution

“Really impressed , great voice and rich intense arrangements: thanks” Neill Quinton, Royal Festival Hall

“A Jazz cousin of Fairport Convention’s folk-rock classic ‘Liege and lief’” Jazzwise

Jimmy Cannon is a gifted saxophonist and a unique singer who has performed internationally and at leading jazz venues in London. Described by the legendary US jazz singer Mark Murphy as “All Heart, all Soul, all Music”, Jimmy Cannon has two albums which show the rich diversity of his range with folk influences as well as jazz.

Here’s a lovely example:


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