Carolyn Hume, Paul May and the SW Dance All Stars

Saturday 14 January 2023
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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Carolyn Hume – piano and keyboards
Paul May – drums and percussion
Andy Williamson – saxophones

Carolyn and Paul have visited the Arts Centre several times now, initially as a duo, then inviting Andy to join them for part of their performances. On their last visit in September 2022, to celebrate Leo Records, they led workshops with musicians and dancers – some from around the Ashburton area, and others who travelled to be here at Angus Balbernie’s invitation. Out of that weekend came a desire to come together again, and this performance is the result. Carolyn and Paul along with Angus have invited some of the dancers who were here in September, plus others to be part of this evenings performance. On Sunday 15 January, they’ll once again be leading a workshop which is open to anyone who would like to join in.

So, in collaboration for the evening’s performance, Hume and May will be joined by a group of accomplished and highly expressive dancers and improvisers gathered by Angus Balbernie, including: Kyra Norman, Kuldip Singh, Katrina Brown, Jess Murray, Grace Surman, Jane Mason, Klara Łucznik, Harriet Roberts, Alice Smith,  Jess Murray, Lauren Bentley, Winona Guy and Lois Taylor.

About the music:

In the first half, Hume and May will perform a new piece: ‘Timeless Forest’ in an arrangement for piano, keyboards, percussion and voices, composed and improvised, along with the dancers. This music is dark and ethereal, transcendental and physically robust.

In the second half, Hume and May will be joined by Andy on sax in a series of improvisations and compositions. There might also be a dance element here.

About the dancers:

NB: these brief  words barely scratch the surface of the immense talent and experience of these dancers. We are SO lucky that they are all coming together here in Ashburton for this performance.

Angus Balbernie works internationally as a director, choreographer, performer and teacher.

Kyra Norman is a dance-trained artist and researcher based in West Cornwall; her work explores movement, connection and place.

Alice Smith is a choreographer, dance artist and pilates teacher from Bristol. She makes work that is collaborative, interdisciplinary and socially conscious with a people-centred approach to creating. She has worked alongside artists and companies across the UK and within Europe making and performing in dance, physical theatre, burlesque and circus work.

Kuldip Singh-Barmi is a dancer-mover-performer-improviser. He is a Senior Lecturer in Dance and Choreography at Falmouth University.

Winona Guy is a dance artist working across contemporary dance and performance art disciplines as a performer, choreographer and facilitator. She regularly works through improvisation and collaboration, using her work to explore form, relationship and the environment, and she is a founding member of dance collectives HowNow and Tracing Paces.

Lauren Bentley, Artist In ResiDance, is a teacher of Joan Skinner’s Releasing Technique and performer.

Klara Łucznik (Poland/UK) Klara is a dance artist, improviser and researcher experimenting with multiple disciplinary collaborations for various settings, including galleries and public spaces. She explores both ensemble and CI tools, studying the nature of human interactions. In her current research, she uses somatic education and dance improvisation tools to deepen the understanding of embodied cognition.

Jane Mason is an artist/performer working with movement and choreography in varied collaborative contexts across the UK.

Grace Surman trained at Dartington College and has worked in many capacities within the fields of live art, experimental theatre and expanded choreography for the last 20 years

Lois Taylor, artist and co director of Dance Centred, explores the potential of ideas with others as dance performer, improviser, creative facilitator and choreographer.

Katrina Brown is a choreographer/researcher working across movement, drawing, writing practices. She teaches at Falmouth University.

Jess Murray is an improviser fascinated by the connection between dance and music or sound and movement.


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