Wednesday 5 April 2023
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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Duski melts jazz tones into dark minimalist prog, creating soundscapes worthy of a David Lynch film. It’s no surprise, then, that Twin Peaks is a big influence on the group, along with Miles Davis and David Bowie, and they’re sure to transport us to magical, mysterious worlds.

Aidan Thorne – basses
Greg Sterland – sax/electronics
Matt Holmes – Drums/percussion
plus guest  Paul Jones – keyboard/piano

It began as a chordless trio in darkest Wales – sax, double bass and drums. Jazz styles disappeared and heavy jams with collective improvising took its place. Standard chord progression melted away to reveal the dark minimalist progressive rock band that is Duski.

Listen at duski.bandcamp.com/album/pillow-talk-sessions-1

The band entered Giant Wafer Studio in September 2018 and took three days to craft the album ‘Make a Wish’. As the band was comfortable with the music and confident that three days was ample time to record it all, they were able to take time to muse on their new direction. Traditional form of melody and then lots of soloing took a sideline replaced by group improvisations based more on image and texture.

One track ‘Milk Thistle’ was through composed and then scrapped for a simple bass riff and a Miles Davis Live Evil-inspired jam. Other fully formed tunes such as ‘Arjun Nagar’ and ‘Take it back’ were more inspired by the music of Donny McCasslin and Pat Metheny. As well as musical, there were visual influences for the album including the works of David Lynch and Dario Argento. The final and most important element of the recording process was being in the middle of nowhere in Rural Wales surrounded by close friends who happen to be enthusiastic, supportive, collaborative and fantastic musicians.

More at duskimusic.co.uk


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