Kirris Riviere and the Delta Du Bruit

Kirris Riviere and the Delta Du Bruit

Sunday 12 November 2023
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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“Hailing from the vibrant blues scene in Bristol, this talented band has quickly gained recognition for their soulful sound and electrifying performances.
Led by the multi-talented Kirris Riviere, whose soulful vocals and dynamic stage presence have earned him a dedicated following. Evan Newman, a band leader, producer and gifted songwriter is on keys. Newman’s skillful compositions form the foundation of the band’s sound, in what is absolutely a collaborative process with the rest of the rhythm section; Between them, their evocative lyrics and vibey arrangements create a highly danceable, authentic and diverse presence that sets them apart from the wider scene. Bryan Jones, a dark horse of the bass guitar, brings a deep and groovy foundation to the band’s music, while Alastair Toms, an accomplished guitarist and director in his own right, adds his fiery and expressive playing style to the mix. Together, they create a haunting tapestry of sound that will transport listeners to a mysterious and compelling swamp of Louisiana blues / R&B.
Pete Warner, a free-flowing live-wire on drums, keeps the band’s rhythm fresh and driving, and always fills their performances with his infectious energy. ”

The band’s first single release, a country blues original “Left Me in the Cold (Railway Tracks)” garnered some fine reviews:
“Excellent trekking back to the very roots of modern rock music, blues and country, I really like the way that the confident vocals float alongside that classic groove.” Alt77
“Great musicality and groove.” HighClouds
“Love the country/rock influence in the song…Super talented” MusicOnTheRox
“appealing guitars and organ. Enjoyable Southern-Rock single” indieobsessive



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