Miracle Theatre: Hell’s Bells

Miracle Theatre: Hell's Bells

Tuesday 26 March 2024
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre

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Written & directed by Bill Scott

When the body of a lighthouse keeper washes up on the shore, covered in mysterious bruises. Ferelith decides to take a break from the tedium of her seaside holiday to interfere in the police enquiry …
.. when things take a turn for the peculiar, her legendary powers of intuition begin to fail her. Will her brother, Grubb (always one step behind and going in the wrong direction) be able to rescue her from the brink of disaster?
This comic seaside mystery, full of mythical creatures and plants with supernatural powers, mixes the drama of a detective thriller with Miracle’s distinctive humour and colourful characters.
Miracle Theatre returns to entertain adults and adventurous children with this brand new murderous melodrama.

Miracle Theatre is a true gem in the cultural landscape of Cornwall and the South West.
With a remarkable history dating back to 1979, they are the region’s longest-running and most prolific touring theatre company. Miracle’s reputation for producing inventive, intelligent, and enjoyable theatre productions is well-established.

“This [King] Lear is something really very special indeed… I thought it was sensational…”
Oliver Grav, Ilyria (2022)

“Excellent. Totally absorbing” Audience feedback on Everyman (2021)

‘THE THIRD POLICEMAN’ makes ‘Craggy Island’ life seem like the epitome of bland normality! Audience Feedback (2017)

“Absolutely brilliant, had everything a good night out should have. I laughed out loud and thought you were all brilliant.” Audience Feedback (2011)

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