Paul May and Carolyn Hume – Free Improvisation Workshop

Paul May and Carolyn Hume – Free Improvisation Workshop

Sunday 23 January 2022
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


Book tickets here – £20 or £15 or £10  you choose

(Price includes admission to the evening concert).

Paul is a superb drummer and percussionist. Carolyn a fabulous pianist (and other keys). They’re lovely people, who approach music in their own special way, and create wonderful soundscapes. This is a chance to spend some time playing with them, on any instrument.

In the evening at 7.30pm, Carolyn and Paul will perform a concert. Some participants in the workshop might be invited to join Paul and Carolyn during this.

Paul writes, “We will discuss our approach to improvisation and the methods we use. We will encourage an exchange of ideas, explore potentials and outcomes. We will play together solo, duo form, as trios and as a whole, larger group. Those who would like to participate in the gig will stake their claim here. We will introduce landscape and scenario, both physical and emotional, to challenge, surprise and enlighten one and other. All abilities shall be welcomed and included.”

You’re welcome to come to this as a participant, or spectator. All tickets for the workshop include admission to the evening concert.

Pandemic policies. This information will be updated as things change.

Update: April 2022

  • Face masks: In the Main Hall, on the ground floor, these are recommended at all times, but are optional. Anyone who sits upstairs in the balcony MUST wear a face mask – with NO exceptions (not even those who are exempt). This is to allow people who are clinically vulnerable to have a place to sit where seats are naturally separated, so: (a) to provide a place for people who want to be as distanced as possible from others, and with anyone nearby wearing a mask; (b) as virus particles when airborne are generally heavier than air, this helps to mitigate the risk of transmission from people sitting in the balcony to audience members below.
  • The windows and doors of the venue will be open, allowing fresh air to be constantly moving through. Although we have heating, this might mean that the ambient temperature is a little cooler than some might like, and audience members should dress accordingly.
  • Please, if you can, take a Lateral Flow test before coming to the Arts Centre, and if this is positive, don’t come. These tests aim to pick up anyone who is infectious at the moment of testing, so please take the test as late as possible on the same day before coming to the Arts Centre. If you test positive, a refund or transfer of your ticket to another event can be arranged, if you let us know before the start of the event, by emailing