Shared Poems For Refuge (Benefit in aid of Refugee Support Devon)

Shared Poems For Refuge (Benefit in aid of Refugee Support Devon)

Sunday 3 April 2022
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre

Community Event

Book Tickets here for a donation of £0 or £5 or £10 – all proceeds to Refugee Support Devon

Jennie Osborne & Steve Day
Benefit Concert in aid of Refugee Support Devon

Osborne Reads Day/Day Reads Osborne
Live Sound Installation: Ric White, EWI & synthesisers

“This is not so much so much a poetry reading but a declaration of war,” write Steve and Jennie; “In the Osborne/Day rationale, poetry is not a polite execution of literature, although they are both published poets presenting new work. Instead, it involves words as potential peace-weapons in the war against complacency and lack of tolerance towards displaced people. Jennie Osborne will be reading Steve Day’s poems and vice versa: an attempt to get a different perspective on their own work.
“The presence of Ric White’s live audio soundtrack instantly places these poems closer to the word/music performances associated with jazz, avant-rock and post-modern composers/improvisers such as John Cage, Philip Glass and Laurie Anderson. There is no fixed entrance fee for this event – it is hoped that you will feel able to give a generous donation to the work of the 
charity Refugee Support Devon, who will be in attendance.
Come in peace, and prepare to take on the language of frontline resistance.”

The EWI is an electronic wind instrument. It’s based on a saxophone, and in good hands such as Ric’s it can create wonderful musical sounds, from melodies to ambient soundscapes using the phrasing and articulation of a wind instrument controlled by the players breath in a way that is very different from what is possible using the keyboards more normally associated with playing electronically-generated music.