Wren: Alice Smith / Angus Balbernie

alice smith

Wednesday 26 May 2021
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Ashburton Arts Centre


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“At the point of winter.
A peculiar little bird
that dresses up
in witch’s underwear.
At the heart of things.
To slay the WREN,
quo’ brither and kin.”

Created and directed
by Angus Balbernie

Performed and co-devised
by Alice Smith.

A woman dances alone, and a wren’s wings swing at 700 bpm.
She has to stay aware and safe, and the wren is hunted down.

Wren takes from the old stories and songs of “cutty wren”, and from the poem “Half Hanged Mary” by Margaret Atwood and re-imagines them for 2021. The cutty wren was traditionally hunted and killed on the winter solstice or St Stephens day each year, and then left hanging on branches to bring good luck for the new year. Half Hanged Mary was Mary Webster, tried and hung as a witch in New England around 1680. Both the wren and Mary were innocent and left hanging… Has anything really changed today?

Wren, "Angus Balbernie", "Alice Smith"

Angus Balbernie has created around 85 pieces, directed, performed, taught and improvised across Europe, North and South America, Canada and Asia.

Alice is a Bristol-based dancer, performance maker and Pilates teacher. A graduate of Falmouth University, she has worked as a performer for various companies and artists across the UK and internationally, including Cscape Dance Company (Cornwall), filmmaker Karni Arieli, Lavrak Circus (Bristol), Penultimate Physical Theatre (Bristol) and Silke Z/Resistdance (Cologne). In 2020 she founded a dance company, Big and Milky Co, and is currently developing the company’s debut work “Well, That Sucks”.

Doors open at 7:00. Start time 7:30.

Made with support from Peninsula Dance Partnership and Liebig 12 Berlin.

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