Loving Earth Project: ‘Caring for the World we Love’

Begun in 2019 by the Quaker Arts Network and the Quaker college,
Woodbrooke, this unique textile art project has led to the creation of hundreds
of beautiful, inspiring and thought-provoking panels about our relationship with the Earth.

Now, Ashburton Quakers are excited to be hosting an exhibition of some 100 of the beautiful handmade panels at Ashburton Arts Centre. This will also include some panels made locally especially for the exhibition.

The exhibition is open from 1 – 15 April each day from 10.30am – 4.30 pm.

Entrance is free and all are welcome. Ashburton Arts Centre, 15 West St, TQ13 7DT.

The Loving Earth Project celebrates people, places, and living things that we love but which are threatened by growing environmental breakdown, aiming to help people to engage with issues around climate change, without being overwhelmed. People are encouraged to create panels and organise their own workshops, exhibitions and events. Panels have been made by people of all ages in many parts of the world, and the exhibition has toured across the UK (most recently at the Houses of Parliament, to acclaim from MPs) and abroad including California and France.

Now many of them are being exhibited in Ashburton in the first two weeks of April.
Panel-makers have been inspired by three questions:

How does the climate crisis threaten places, people and other things that you love?
What action is needed to reduce the harm?
How are you helping to make this happen


The project is featured in Sunday on BBC Radio 4