Exhibition: Order and Chaos: Secrets of the Dust

Order and Chaos Secrets of the Dust Exhibition Tom WalkerWe have in our midst here in Ashburton, a rather amazing artist in Tom Walker. His principal medium is pastels on black paper. The images he creates are rather magical.

Since his exhibition opened last Saturday, I’ve learned of two truly epic projects of his. One is a series of 147 paintings on the theme of snooker. Although these aren’t in this exhibition, there are many A4 prints of them available at just £1 each! The second is a ten year project where he created 51 triptychs, each illustrating an organ piece by Charles Tournemire (1870-1939) which formed the equally epic ‘L’Orgue Mystique’ – see https://www.tomwalkerartist.co.uk/tournemire-voyage-1 (or if you really want to get lost in some fabulous organ nerdery, watch this video about ‘The man who draws organ music’).The exhibition is open every day until Sunday 22 May, 10am – 5pm. Proceeds from sales of cards, prints and paintings will go to help Syrian, Afghan and Ukrainian refugees. And Tom’s there every day to chat about his work. Highly recommended!